Fringe VS The X-Files

Engineers have developed a device that is capable of moving and manipulating objects using only ultrasonic sound waves. They say the technology could eventually lead to devices that can undo screws, assemble electronics and putting together delicate components. (source)

Aside from the Doctor Who stuff I have more random links to share with everyone. By the way any X-Files fans out there? I grew up watching it and had forgotten how amazing the show was. So I've been exposing @LibethDominguez to X-Files. I miss the show a lot, but I think Fringe has done a decent job "replacing" the X-Files. What do you all think, Fringe or The X-Files?

Future Rx: Marijuana without the forgetfulness
How does a lightsaber work?
Holy shit! Fans of Fallout I hope you're thirsty!
this is why I'm broke
Poor little guy didn't stand a chance :( stay-s-more T-shirt
Awesome Pacman Game Chair Design! Careful he bites...
An exciting scene from the new Star Tours at Disneyland!
Jules Laptop Decals Keep Bad Eyes Away.
Snow White Vinyl Decals For Your Laptop.
Weird Teddy Bear USB Flash Drive
Frank Mir "I Can Beat Fedor"
Breaking news: Jeff Hardy arrested
XP Phone now accepting pre-orders worldwide. Looks damn good.
Case-Mate offers $0.99 iPhone recession case...
KORG places an iPhone pocket in its microSAMPLER.
12 Cool Bench Ads!

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