Uncertain Future

Unknown is the future, all we can do is predict. Based on suggestions we make decisions that impact millions of americans. The business of making money off the backs of those less fortunate is being slowly phased out and replaced by automated machines. The search for balance is an ongoing journey. We've established many systems of control over the years. We phased out the ones that didnt work anymore and we made new ones that we could have more involvement in.

Having more people involved in the decision making process can make things more complicated. More variables to consider... Less control and a bigger crack in the system to allow corruption to burst through. As far as i know, animals don't engage in some long discussion about who should live where and who is worthy of this and who should lead who? These questions aren't asked from animal to animal. All animals live in relatively close proximity to one another. Insects, birds, fish and snakes and kangaroos etc. I know its hard to believe that such a a dense variety of animals can simply COEXIST, why can't we?

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