People that look like Dave Gahan Pt.1

Alright this ones gonna be somewhat of a first. I googled this and I found no one blogging about weather or not Dave Gahan looks like anybody. So here we go. I really believe that Dave Gahan looks like freaking Shia Labeouf.

Here are the facts:

Fact 1. Same short style hair.

Fact 2. Same bug eyes...(eye shape)

Fact 3. Same pointy nose, (don't sue me Labeouf/Gahan)

Fact 4. Same face shape... uhh

Thats it! I figured it out. Shia Labeouf is Dave's son! He must have done it with a chick while touring with Depeche Mode, then forgot about her and she never made a big deal about it because she knew the kid would be talented. So she just keeps her mouth shut while Labeouf brings in the greenbacks. Nah that's probably not true. Oh well what you all think?


Godmy said...

Just finished watching of the last Indiana Jones.. and yes.. that was precisely my thought somewhere in the middle of the film ;) And then I was surprised I'm not alone thinking it :D
Maybe these two photos are not the best comparison, but when you watch Shia for a while.. you'll see it.

Anonymous said...

Nope. He's not even close to resembling David in his early years. Dave, much cuter.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the last comment. I've been seeing/hearing people make this comparison all over the internet and I do NOT understand why anyone would think of Dave when looking at Shia, or vice-versa. The only thing I think makes them similar at all is the nose, maybe. Otherwise Dave was so much cuter than Shia (and still is IMO).

Anonymous said...

Look at this guy... the alikeness to dave is frightening!!!
His name is Marco Tempest and he is a magician/performance artist.
Only his voice is a little bit wimpy:


Anonymous said...

@Theecarlos.....1) Shia LaBeouf is a Dave Gahan lookalike and not the other way round...Dave has been around a lot longer!
2) Bug eyes and pointy noses?...I don't think so - both these men are very good looking.
3) You're right - there is a huge resemblance. He even has the same face-shape and hairline as Dave. In fact I think Shia looks more like him than his son does!
Marco Tempest looks like Dave now he's older too...in certain lights!

Anonymous said...

Shia LaBeouf looks nothing like Dave.