30 Simpsons Newspaper Headlines!

Here are 30 newspaper headlines that most people probably overlook when they are watching The Simpsons. Some of them are funny, some of them don't make sense and some of them are just downright nuts!


Joseph Gordon Levitt The New Joker?

Rumor has it that Joseph Gordon Levitt star of 500 Days of Summer has been asked by Christopher Nolan to play the new Joker in his next Batman movie. Joseph Gordon Levitt has yet to give Nolan an answer. I read this and I couldn't believe it! I was shocked! Its gonna be sweet when someone looks this up and quotes me on it and gets in trouble for making such a claim. I made this up. My motive for making this up was because I really think Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon Levitt look a like. Here are the facts!

1. They both have small eyes. o_o

2. They also have similar hair, not straight but kinda curly.

3. They kinda have similar jaw structures and cheek bones.

4. Finally uhh they both have similar smiles.

I really think Joseph Gordon Levitt has the ability to play a potential Joker in the future. That is if Nolan wanted to introduce him again. This is just wishful thinking. Perhaps there is some unknown actor out there who sounds and looks just Heath Ledger? I dunno... what do you all think?


Back from DA Dead... 0_o

Gene Rychlak Jr Benching the world record 1010!
A quick way of getting the weather...
Is this the world's biggest shark steak?
No way! Dogs are totally awesome! They can really adapt.
Homeless people sometimes can be amusing.
What this? Tommy Oliver is all built now and wants to do MMA?
Physicists Create Perfect Coffee Mug That Keeps Perfect Temperature!
The 10 Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors in Existence!
My Little Pony Xenomorph (self explanatory)
The World's Most Advanced Bionic Arm
The worlds first lighter phone!
Wow those are some neat Freddie Kruger Shoes...
If you didn't think the shoes were enough, this guy wants to be Freddie Kruger... or Wolverine.
Damn this actually has its own website. Laser background on portraits.
Damn that's one sweet Taco Truck!
Who needs a bear skin rug when you got one of these?
Geeks are soo organized and keep this stuff in galleries. Kwik-E-Mart pics!
Some bizarre buildings...
Most unhealthy pizza ever!
So uhh Adolph Hitler had a stealth jet?
I can sure go for one of these Thai ice teas!
This one goes out to Hail Marry Jane! You ever smoke this?
Hahahahaha... omg hours were spent on this site, okay maybe just a couple of minutes.
Okay so everyone saw the Obama butt glance. Here is a different perspective.
Some serious vodka shot skills!