Joseph Gordon Levitt The New Joker?

Rumor has it that Joseph Gordon Levitt star of 500 Days of Summer has been asked by Christopher Nolan to play the new Joker in his next Batman movie. Joseph Gordon Levitt has yet to give Nolan an answer. I read this and I couldn't believe it! I was shocked! Its gonna be sweet when someone looks this up and quotes me on it and gets in trouble for making such a claim. I made this up. My motive for making this up was because I really think Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon Levitt look a like. Here are the facts!

1. They both have small eyes. o_o

2. They also have similar hair, not straight but kinda curly.

3. They kinda have similar jaw structures and cheek bones.

4. Finally uhh they both have similar smiles.

I really think Joseph Gordon Levitt has the ability to play a potential Joker in the future. That is if Nolan wanted to introduce him again. This is just wishful thinking. Perhaps there is some unknown actor out there who sounds and looks just Heath Ledger? I dunno... what do you all think?


People that look like Dave Gahan Pt.1

Alright this ones gonna be somewhat of a first. I googled this and I found no one blogging about weather or not Dave Gahan looks like anybody. So here we go. I really believe that Dave Gahan looks like freaking Shia Labeouf.

Here are the facts:

Fact 1. Same short style hair.

Fact 2. Same bug eyes...(eye shape)

Fact 3. Same pointy nose, (don't sue me Labeouf/Gahan)

Fact 4. Same face shape... uhh

Thats it! I figured it out. Shia Labeouf is Dave's son! He must have done it with a chick while touring with Depeche Mode, then forgot about her and she never made a big deal about it because she knew the kid would be talented. So she just keeps her mouth shut while Labeouf brings in the greenbacks. Nah that's probably not true. Oh well what you all think?

People that look like Morrissey Pt.3

Alright here are the facts:

Fact 1. They have basically the same eyebrows.

Fact 2. Same basic face shape.

Fact 3. Same freaky awkward smile.

Fact 4. They are both Irish/English.

Fact 5. They both usually have the same haircut.

As far as im concerned they were fuckin' separated at birth. No contest, this MOFO is the closest thing we got to the MOZ! Viva Boyle!


People that Look Like Morrissey pt2

I told you another one was on its way! Here is one of my favorites. After watching Walk the Line. I wondered what it would be like if Morrissey died, who would play him in his movie? Joaquin Phoenix is the man I'm talking about.

Reason 1: Eyebrows are very similar.

Reason 2: Somewhat same style butt chin.

Reason 3: The nose is also very similar.

Reason 4: Fuck that they are both the same!

Joaquin is Morrissey and Morrissey is Joaquin!


People that Look Like Morrissey pt1

Well tell me STB readers. Am I right about this one? I had recently heard a music video for a new NFG song and I saw the singer and he reminded me a lot of MOZ. Check it out! Am I seeing things or do they share similar features? Such as the forehead and the eyebrows. Also the nose looks similar.