People that look like Dave Gahan Pt.1

Alright this ones gonna be somewhat of a first. I googled this and I found no one blogging about weather or not Dave Gahan looks like anybody. So here we go. I really believe that Dave Gahan looks like freaking Shia Labeouf.

Here are the facts:

Fact 1. Same short style hair.

Fact 2. Same bug eyes...(eye shape)

Fact 3. Same pointy nose, (don't sue me Labeouf/Gahan)

Fact 4. Same face shape... uhh

Thats it! I figured it out. Shia Labeouf is Dave's son! He must have done it with a chick while touring with Depeche Mode, then forgot about her and she never made a big deal about it because she knew the kid would be talented. So she just keeps her mouth shut while Labeouf brings in the greenbacks. Nah that's probably not true. Oh well what you all think?

People that look like Morrissey Pt.3

Alright here are the facts:

Fact 1. They have basically the same eyebrows.

Fact 2. Same basic face shape.

Fact 3. Same freaky awkward smile.

Fact 4. They are both Irish/English.

Fact 5. They both usually have the same haircut.

As far as im concerned they were fuckin' separated at birth. No contest, this MOFO is the closest thing we got to the MOZ! Viva Boyle!


One Crazy Weekend...

Wow been away looking for Something to Blog. Its been a couple of days. Had a crazy party over the weekend, got a little sick. Its all good now. Had some time to look for some random links. Enjoy em'.

What If Predator Was A Little Bit Gay?

Neat melting ice cream truck sculpture.

Freaking furniture made to look like stones!

USB iPod Memory Stick... (looks kinda cute)

Make your own free iPod! (out of paper)

A penguin that can play ping pong! Freakin' beer pong champ!

How to change spark plugs... because my dad never tought me.

Japan Completes Life-Sized Gundam Statue (nuff said)

Student Makes Barrel Monster, Gets Arrested... what a dope.

Sesame Street - Dogs bake homemade bread... damn them dogs give me the creeps.

Hello Kitty anti-virus software... 0_o


Random Links For All!

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Kurt Angle makes 500pounds fly over the ring with an angleslam!
Cena deserves it, I don't even know why John Cena spit at Brock Lesnar?
A Cardboard Computer: The Recompute PC.
National Doughnut Day!! Dammit click here to learn more! I wish I knew sooner!
Shark attack wetsuits! Damn I love this blog now!
Mix an Exploding Drink... very neat.
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