The Noise In The Corner Of The Room

There is a constant noise coming from within the wall in the corner of my room. It keeps me awake at night so I started to think, "why haven't I posted this on my blog?" So here I am wide awake blogging about the noise. What could it be? My thoughts... A rat maybe? A Ghost? To be continued...


Coachella Day 4

The final day is here. I start off by bringing down the tent. We gather our thing and have our last meal here at coachella. Once everything is packed we make our way into the venue for the last time. Surprisingly we get in quickly and enjoy our last day.

We catch Duran Duran who put on one hell of a show! Huge sound and loads of experience, they don't disappoint. then we catch The Strokes, great performers as well. They would be better if they just kept quiet. After them we close the night with Kanye West. Say what you will I know I do. He puts on one hell of a show! I find it hard to explain, so please look for footage on youtube or keep your eyes peeled for a coachella DVD or something soon.

Kane makes you believe that anything is possible. He himself says he's not that great of a singer (obviously) but hes still at the top. He inspires people as well as entertain. Thanks for the memories coachella. Its a harsh experience but worth the pain. Till next time, I will plan this third one a lot better. Bring it on Indio! Day 4 is over.

Coachella Day 3

Today started off with some bad vibes. There was tension and it felt as if I had cabin fever, almost like a paranoid feeling. I think the combination of heat and a lack of cool air had gotten to me and I became frustrated. I would like to take this time to apologize to my cousin and girlfriend, thank you both for keeping your cool.

Later on before we headed into the venue I had my first shroom experience. Contrary to popular belief, everything seemed beautiful when they kicked in. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have been pleasant to be around.

My experience was euphoric and I had complete control of who I was. To put simply I would like to quote a friend of mine. My buddy Justin said, "there's life, then there's life on shrooms". Everything is detailed and things seem to be "breathing". Lights seem like globes of colored water swirling around. It didn't help that they had this strange "mirage effect" in the air right above the water refill station. I thought I lost it but everyone else could see it too. What a relief?

I also ran into an old friend I hadn't seen in a long time. The same thing happened the last time I came to coachella. As the night comes to an end we make it to our tent and fall right asleep, the shrooms put you down like NyQuil. Day 3 is over.

Coachella Day 2

The morning is brutal, hot & relentless. To take a shower you better be ready to wait a half hour to and hour. The Porta Potties are sweat boxes that leave memories you can't erase. After waking up with the heat as your alarm, the only thing on your mind is water. You hydrate and you eat. Then you wait & wait & wait...

After we get ready we spray ourselves with sun screen & make our way to the venue. The lines to get in are brutal clusters of ignorant fist pumping individuals. Don't get me wrong some of them were nice, but it just felt like assholes were everywhere. We get through the inspection easily all three days, (everyone seemed to have a good hiding spot) if you know what I mean.

Once inside we figured out who we wanted to see and started our journey. The heat is mostly what's on peoples minds, or at least it was on mine all the time. We looked forward to seeing Beardyman and Caifanes. I don't recall who else we saw? Like I said earlier, "everyone had a good hiding spot". The one show that stuck on my mind all 3 days was Beardyman! Thanks to him had a hard time listening to Caifanes and crystal castles. Everything and everyone sounded like dubstep.

As the night came to an end, my ears were bumping, my skin was burnt and I realized that during the night I was trampled. My jaw was very sore and I discovered bruises on my arms and some scratches on the top of my forehead. Day 2 is now over.

Coachella Day 1

On the road to Coachella. My second time going. The feeling never changes. I'm always nervous and excited to be here. Upon arrival Libeth hands me a Stone Old Guardian, we drank it together. Warm bitter beer with high alcohol content. We got very buzzed from that Old Guardian and some other people realized they couldn't bring in glass bottles, so they handed us 6 Red Stripes! Drunk already and I haven't even set up camp yet.

They inspected the car to make sure we didn't bring anything illegal or not allowed on the camp grounds. Surprisingly the inspection was quick! If you really wanted to bring a huge bong and tons of drugs, you really could have. People did. I did. Maybe not tons but a good amount for 3 days!

We got settled into our 10 x 30 rectangular camping space. Dark and drunk as fuck I had to set up this huge tent and canopy. About an hour later maybe longer not sure, I finished the tent and canopy. After lots of frustration we finished and got in our tent and had something to eat. Before dinner we celebrated with a joint. We tried to go to sleep but everyone around us was awake partying. Mostly people playing beer pong... Day 1 officially over. Tomorrow Coachella!


Joseph Gordon Levitt The New Joker?

Rumor has it that Joseph Gordon Levitt star of 500 Days of Summer has been asked by Christopher Nolan to play the new Joker in his next Batman movie. Joseph Gordon Levitt has yet to give Nolan an answer. I read this and I couldn't believe it! I was shocked! Its gonna be sweet when someone looks this up and quotes me on it and gets in trouble for making such a claim. I made this up. My motive for making this up was because I really think Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon Levitt look a like. Here are the facts!

1. They both have small eyes. o_o

2. They also have similar hair, not straight but kinda curly.

3. They kinda have similar jaw structures and cheek bones.

4. Finally uhh they both have similar smiles.

I really think Joseph Gordon Levitt has the ability to play a potential Joker in the future. That is if Nolan wanted to introduce him again. This is just wishful thinking. Perhaps there is some unknown actor out there who sounds and looks just Heath Ledger? I dunno... what do you all think?


People that look like Dave Gahan Pt.1

Alright this ones gonna be somewhat of a first. I googled this and I found no one blogging about weather or not Dave Gahan looks like anybody. So here we go. I really believe that Dave Gahan looks like freaking Shia Labeouf.

Here are the facts:

Fact 1. Same short style hair.

Fact 2. Same bug eyes...(eye shape)

Fact 3. Same pointy nose, (don't sue me Labeouf/Gahan)

Fact 4. Same face shape... uhh

Thats it! I figured it out. Shia Labeouf is Dave's son! He must have done it with a chick while touring with Depeche Mode, then forgot about her and she never made a big deal about it because she knew the kid would be talented. So she just keeps her mouth shut while Labeouf brings in the greenbacks. Nah that's probably not true. Oh well what you all think?

People that look like Morrissey Pt.3

Alright here are the facts:

Fact 1. They have basically the same eyebrows.

Fact 2. Same basic face shape.

Fact 3. Same freaky awkward smile.

Fact 4. They are both Irish/English.

Fact 5. They both usually have the same haircut.

As far as im concerned they were fuckin' separated at birth. No contest, this MOFO is the closest thing we got to the MOZ! Viva Boyle!


People that Look Like Morrissey pt2

I told you another one was on its way! Here is one of my favorites. After watching Walk the Line. I wondered what it would be like if Morrissey died, who would play him in his movie? Joaquin Phoenix is the man I'm talking about.

Reason 1: Eyebrows are very similar.

Reason 2: Somewhat same style butt chin.

Reason 3: The nose is also very similar.

Reason 4: Fuck that they are both the same!

Joaquin is Morrissey and Morrissey is Joaquin!