Coachella Day 4

The final day is here. I start off by bringing down the tent. We gather our thing and have our last meal here at coachella. Once everything is packed we make our way into the venue for the last time. Surprisingly we get in quickly and enjoy our last day.

We catch Duran Duran who put on one hell of a show! Huge sound and loads of experience, they don't disappoint. then we catch The Strokes, great performers as well. They would be better if they just kept quiet. After them we close the night with Kanye West. Say what you will I know I do. He puts on one hell of a show! I find it hard to explain, so please look for footage on youtube or keep your eyes peeled for a coachella DVD or something soon.

Kane makes you believe that anything is possible. He himself says he's not that great of a singer (obviously) but hes still at the top. He inspires people as well as entertain. Thanks for the memories coachella. Its a harsh experience but worth the pain. Till next time, I will plan this third one a lot better. Bring it on Indio! Day 4 is over.

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