Coachella Day 2

The morning is brutal, hot & relentless. To take a shower you better be ready to wait a half hour to and hour. The Porta Potties are sweat boxes that leave memories you can't erase. After waking up with the heat as your alarm, the only thing on your mind is water. You hydrate and you eat. Then you wait & wait & wait...

After we get ready we spray ourselves with sun screen & make our way to the venue. The lines to get in are brutal clusters of ignorant fist pumping individuals. Don't get me wrong some of them were nice, but it just felt like assholes were everywhere. We get through the inspection easily all three days, (everyone seemed to have a good hiding spot) if you know what I mean.

Once inside we figured out who we wanted to see and started our journey. The heat is mostly what's on peoples minds, or at least it was on mine all the time. We looked forward to seeing Beardyman and Caifanes. I don't recall who else we saw? Like I said earlier, "everyone had a good hiding spot". The one show that stuck on my mind all 3 days was Beardyman! Thanks to him had a hard time listening to Caifanes and crystal castles. Everything and everyone sounded like dubstep.

As the night came to an end, my ears were bumping, my skin was burnt and I realized that during the night I was trampled. My jaw was very sore and I discovered bruises on my arms and some scratches on the top of my forehead. Day 2 is now over.

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