Coachella Day 1

On the road to Coachella. My second time going. The feeling never changes. I'm always nervous and excited to be here. Upon arrival Libeth hands me a Stone Old Guardian, we drank it together. Warm bitter beer with high alcohol content. We got very buzzed from that Old Guardian and some other people realized they couldn't bring in glass bottles, so they handed us 6 Red Stripes! Drunk already and I haven't even set up camp yet.

They inspected the car to make sure we didn't bring anything illegal or not allowed on the camp grounds. Surprisingly the inspection was quick! If you really wanted to bring a huge bong and tons of drugs, you really could have. People did. I did. Maybe not tons but a good amount for 3 days!

We got settled into our 10 x 30 rectangular camping space. Dark and drunk as fuck I had to set up this huge tent and canopy. About an hour later maybe longer not sure, I finished the tent and canopy. After lots of frustration we finished and got in our tent and had something to eat. Before dinner we celebrated with a joint. We tried to go to sleep but everyone around us was awake partying. Mostly people playing beer pong... Day 1 officially over. Tomorrow Coachella!

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