Back From the Future

Random links, just a few because I gotta search for a tent big enough for 3. Coachella here we come! Tons of posts and pics when I get back from the desert!
Get on this one quick! Biggie Smalls Shirts for $10 Free shipping!
Electric Six - "Gay Bar" (search more of there videos, epic stuff)
Another poll by Hail Mary Jane... Which Jim Would You Smoke Out With?
Tetris Dress For the ladies!
Demon Souls 2! Get ready to die over and over again... again!
9 Inventions that Prove Leonardo da Vinci Was a Supervillain.
Animatronics reference
Homebrew pinball machine!
Make music using your old gameboy!
When you need to know something fast... use the pocket reference.
Refill required geek shirt!
Daft Master Punk T-Shirt! OMG WTF I want one!