Waiting for Halloween

For years I've wanted to be the Scarlet Spider-man, last year I finally did it and it was bitter sweet. I couldn't see out of the eyes and the ankle pouches were rushed. Just a few days ago I cut some eye openings inside the mask and viola, vision is excellent now! I'm going to have to remake the strap for the pouches and make/get a belt buckle. looks like I'm going be the Scarlet Spider-man again this year...

Comic Book Blood Thirst pt1

Comics comics comics! This post is long and all about comics! I've been going through this phase where I desire the things I couldn't have when I was young. For example, I've always wanted a large comic book collection and game collection and among various other things I would like to collect. Lately I think back and I remember this series called Bloodlines. It was an intracompany crossover that ran through DC's superhero annuals and concluded with a two-issue 'Bloodbath' miniseries. The antagonists were a race of monstrous xenomorph-like aliens, incorrectly described as "parasites", who killed humans for their spinal fluid.

I never had a single issue because my mom thought it looked too violent. I decided never to read a single issue. I flipped through a couple of them but never read more than a few word bubbles. I have a few scratched off my list but I still have a long way to go. I go to Frank & Son Collectible Show in City of Industry. Its a nerd swap meet. Its only open 2 days out of the week so when I go I have to make the most of it. Its very tedious work, I have to flip through thousands of old comics and a lot of them are just thrown in boxes without any type of order. Its very rewarding though once you come across a comic you've been hunting down. Stay tuned for more on my comic book blood thirst, for the next time I go hunting! Everything In BOLD is what I own.[1][2]

Bloodlines: Outbreak

Lobo Annual #1
Superman: The Man of Steel Annual #2
Batman: Shadow of The Bat Annual #1
Flash Annual #6
New Titans Annual #9
Superman Annual #5
Green Lantern Annual #2
Batman Annual #17
Justice League International Annual #4

Bloodlines: Earthplague

Robin Annual #2
Action Comics Annual #5
Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #4
Green Arrow Annual #6
Detective Comics Annual #6
Justice League America Annual #7
Adventures of Superman Annual #5
Hawkman Annual #1

Bloodlines: Deathstorm

Deathstroke Annual #2
Eclipso Annual #1
Demon Annual #2
Batman: Legends of The Dark Knight Annual #3
Team Titans Annual #1
L.E.G.I.O.N. Annual #4

Bloodlines: Bloodbath

Bloodbath #1
Bloodbath #2