Chicken... Breast

I cook too much chicken at my work... I got my start roasting chickens for a year. When i was 18, such a bad choice i thought. Then i realized it made me work as hard as i possibly could and even if my body was felt like cooked pasta i would find a way to push through and stay aldenté. Sometimes I have to think back to my struggles to remind myself exactly just how strong i really am... Sometimes.

The Bistro Burger

I make this burger almost all the time at my job. Its the only burger on the menu. The Bistro Burger... With Bistro Sauce, bacon, letty and toe-mate... fries, toasted bun, melted ched. Just to prove it ill snap a pic of all the burgs I make. Perhaps i'll post up all the hottest sellers?

Uncertain Future

Unknown is the future, all we can do is predict. Based on suggestions we make decisions that impact millions of americans. The business of making money off the backs of those less fortunate is being slowly phased out and replaced by automated machines. The search for balance is an ongoing journey. We've established many systems of control over the years. We phased out the ones that didnt work anymore and we made new ones that we could have more involvement in.

Having more people involved in the decision making process can make things more complicated. More variables to consider... Less control and a bigger crack in the system to allow corruption to burst through. As far as i know, animals don't engage in some long discussion about who should live where and who is worthy of this and who should lead who? These questions aren't asked from animal to animal. All animals live in relatively close proximity to one another. Insects, birds, fish and snakes and kangaroos etc. I know its hard to believe that such a a dense variety of animals can simply COEXIST, why can't we?


New Job... Part 3 the right tools for the job

I used the knives that were avialable at work for about 2 months and then I invested in a 7 inch mercer japanese knife with rubber handle. It made my job easy for a while... Then I realized... My knife is getting dull. I end up buying an even better knife... This time it's german steel. I love both german and japanese steel. Can't decide if either one is superior to the other. Both do the job very very well. I guess you could say the german steel is much better suited for heavy work loads and prepping meats... To be continued...

New Job... Part 2 The Dish Pit

This is where you prove to eveyone that you are a hard worker. You can show everyone the type of quality of work you can deliver. Sometimes it feels like it's just 1 dishwasher... Even though we've almost always had 2 dishwashers on hand.

I'm certain around 60% of the people living on earth have worked this job at least once before.

New Job... Part 1

I was unemployed for over 2 years... The walls were closing in on me and I was at the brink of a complete breakdown. Thankfully my luck had finally changed and I aquired a dishwasher job at the Courtyard Marriott. After washing dishes for 3 months I was trained to do prep and work the line in the mornings. 8 months after i was hired i became the new night cook...